Let’s Get Linkedin in Perspective

Linkedin has 200 million members and there are more than 3 billion people in the workforce globally.  Even excluding industry/education/location-specific workers, that’s still a lot of people who are not on Linkedin, so make other platforms/stratagems work for you in the search for connections. Use trade newsletters, association membership lists, Facebook and Google to locate those relationships that have been ‘left behind’. Send a marketing letter to introduce yourself/nurture known/unknown contacts and  good-paper-snail-mail congratulations to people who have achieved something worthy. Be different, be special and make others special as well.

About Dawn Montgomery

Dawn Montgomery doesn't believe in boxes. In 2009 she gained access to the hidden job market by connecting with commuters on the GO train, receiving coverage from The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Hamilton Spectator, plus interviews with Canada AM, CHML 900 and That Channel; however, this was not the first example of her "box?...what box?" thinking. On arrival as an immigrant to Canada the anticipated job and accommodation were no longer available, so she sourced another opportunity and, seven days later, with suitcase of heels and coordinating bags, drove 1804k to the logging and mining community of Ear Falls (pop. 1500) Ontario; it was January, the journey took five days, she stayed two years...the path less travelled is a familiar one!
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