One Man’s Wine is Another Man’s Poison

In his article in the January 9th publication of Snooth, Gregory Dal Piaz discusses ‘The Problem with Wine Ratings’, what’s wrong with them and their affect on how we buy wine…

“….wine ratings, we hate them and we love them, but are they really worth anything? It would be sad to realize that something so many people become emotionally invested in is actually not worth the effort, but to a large extent that is what I believe….In the abstract they are generally worthless. You can have two 90 point wines that are qualitatively equivalent, but so completely different as to make their equivalency useless. And you can also have two tasters, each with a different palate, assign points scores that are so divergent that you really have to ask who has lost their mind. Might it be us, those of us who use point scores to begin with? Maybe we have lost a bit of our minds….the scoring of wine has undergone a huge compression over the past two decades or so. The argument goes that wines are just getting better, so it’s no surprise that scores continue to rise. But even if wines are getting better, there are levels of quality that these scores should reflect. Perhaps there is another reason, perhaps it has to do with the business of wine criticism (and make no mistake about it — it is a business.)”….read the entire article here

About Dawn Montgomery

Dawn Montgomery doesn't believe in boxes. In 2009 she gained access to the hidden job market by connecting with commuters on the GO train, receiving coverage from The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and Hamilton Spectator, plus interviews with Canada AM, CHML 900 and That Channel; however, this was not the first example of her "box?...what box?" thinking. On arrival as an immigrant to Canada the anticipated job and accommodation were no longer available, so she sourced another opportunity and, seven days later, with suitcase of heels and coordinating bags, drove 1804k to the logging and mining community of Ear Falls (pop. 1500) Ontario; it was January, the journey took five days, she stayed two years...the path less travelled is a familiar one!
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